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About QueueMed

Medical Booking & Queue Management Reinvented: Grow your practice, optimize bookings, engage your patients.

QueueMed is the world's most intelligent cloud-based management system specializing in providing Medical Appointment & Mobile Queue Solution to clinic and hospital, which aims to improve healthcare access, reduce administrative workload and minimize patient's waiting time.

Our Mission

Team player among leading Healthtech Companies.

Our mission is to be the leader in providing Medical Appointment & Mobile Queue Solution. We aim to be the catalyst for other Healthtech companies in creating an universal Mobile Healthcare Ecosystem to streamline the whole patient’s journey.

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Turn your Clinic or Hospital into a mobile friendly environment. QueueMed helps you to deliver a better care experiences through innovative technology that seamlessly connects your patients with you

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Developed by Doctors for Doctors.

Because we speak the same language.

Easy to Setup and Learn

No need to wait for months before your system is ready; QueueMed is ready to use in hours.

White label

You are allow to have your own clinic logo and description.

24/7 Convenience

Patients can schedule an appointment with you anytime anywhere.

Automatically syncs

QueueMed automatically syncs available timing, queue status, and booking fees across multiple channels.

Online Presence

Patients can book from anywhere, including from WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or even Third party App (TPA or Insurance).

Accept Payments

Easy and seamless ways to collect booking fee or deposits online.


Our Client Loves US

Dr Siti Nuridawati

Doctor, Clinic Owner, QueueMed User

We no longer need to use the callback service, now that our patients arrive only a few minutes before a scheduled appointment. This means patients can save times and it gives significant improvement on patient satisfaction.

Dr Thomas Yap, MD

Physician, QueueMed User

"We see that the application was developed by considering the daily operating mode of doctors: the users find it intuitive and do what they have to do without difficulty. The same goes for the solution’s administrative managers, who have quickly become autonomous with the tool. Kudos to the team!


Medical Director, QueueMed User

"The support team is excellent! If not immediately, I get an answer within 24 hours of my request. You guys are awesome!


Improve Healthcare access and patient satisfaction in your medical clinic / hospital

QueueMed centralizes all patient booking channels and allows patients to make appointments online and receive automatic reminders. We also enable your patients to check live queue and arrive on time. By decreasing phone call volume and check-in wait times, QueueMed allows clinic administrators to devote more time to patients.

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Automate appointment reminders

Free up time for staff and reduce missed appointments. You can even customize the content of appointment reminders and send multiple reminders with customized timing for maximum efficiency.

Fully Responsive

Doesn't matter if your patients book from the Apps, or from WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or even third party App (TPA, Insurance, Directory), QueueMed is ready for integration!

Save time with one centralized platform for all booking channels

Create customizable schedule template, access physician availabilities, and manage patient appointments from a single interface. QueueMed automatically syncs available timing, queue status, and booking fees across multiple channels.

Book Your Doctor and Queue from home

Just 4 simple steps

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Accelerate the success of your practice

Our easy-to-integrate, and even easier to use, technology helps boost your digital presence, grow your patient base, fill costly gaps in your appointment calendar and build deeper relationships with your patients.


  • Increase your online visibility
  • attract more patients
  • grow consistently


  • Free up your front desk by maximizing your efficiency
  • enjoy a fully optimized booking flow


  • Let patients spend their precious time with their loved ones by allowing them to come to you on time, by using live queue system!
  • They are going to fall in love with your queue management system!

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Patient Booking

  • Allow patients to make appointments online through the clinic's website, Doc2us App or anywhere else that provide QueueMed services.
  • Create and customize appointment request forms.
  • Make appointment history and prescription uploading available to patients.
  • Give patients the ability to cancel appointments and free up time slots for others.

Walk-in Appointment Management

  • Offer walk-in appointments during clinic visit or over the phone.
  • Allow patient to check with clinic traffic in real-time using their mobile, and arrive on time.
  • Automated Confirmations and Reminders

  • Personalize automatic appointment notifications for patients and clinicians.
  • Send reminders via WhatsApp or In-App notification.
  • Customize timing of appointment reminders.
  • Single Platform for Patient Booking and Physician Schedules.

  • Centralize all of your appointment data and management functionalities.
  • See updates in real-time.
  • Access analytic dashboards and key indicators
  • CIS/EHR Compatible

  • Synchronize basic appointment and patient information with your EMR.
  • Use the solution autonomously, without an EMR
  • Eliminate double booking.
  • Special Care Lane

    Special attention will be given to patients with needs, which includes:

  • Trauma & Emergency cases
  • Babies < 6 months old
  • Elderly > 80 years old
  • Patient with reduced mobility (Wheelchair/mobility device assistance)
  • Data and Privacy Protection

  • We’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient and practice data.
  • We base our database in Amazon Singapore (Hospital's Security Level) to ensure that we provide the highest level of online security.
  • Most importantly, we strictly protect the clients' data from our end and take the leak of clients' info as serious offence.