Our Story
Qmed Asia (formerly QueueMed) is a healthcare technology startup founded in 2018 by a group of Doctors and Engineers to assist both public & private healthcare providers with their digital health transformation.

Our initial focus was to address the problem of long queues in hospitals, which our founder, Dr Kev Lim, experienced himself when he brought his daughter for follow-up. Further worth noting, patients’ experience in hospitals was seemingly unpleasant with the unnecessary extensive waiting time. Passionate about healthcare, together with Dr. Tai Tzyy Jiun and Nic Tai, we took matters into our own hands and decided to tackle the issues patients face at hospitals for good.

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Since implementing our online appointment system and mobile queue solutions in clinics and hospitals, we have received overflowing support and positive feedback both from the public and healthcare providers. It wasn’t long before we realised there was much to do for the healthcare industry in Malaysia after receiving numerous requests and demands from our users (healthcare providers). We made it our mission to roll out more comprehensive modules that would significantly impact the healthcare industry.

Today, Qmed Asia serves as an all-in-one healthcare companion for both patients and healthcare providers. Healthcare providers can easily implement a variety of digital health modules, such as the patient experience solution, virtual clinic solution, clinical practice assistant, and healthcare services matching. And for the patients, we offer a comprehensive range of online healthcare services, including appointment booking and online queueing to nearby healthcare facilities, having a doctor or nurse come to their home, video consultations with doctors, and remote patient monitoring solutions.

We believe that the future of healthcare is digital, and we are committed in making quality healthcare accessible, affordable, and accountable in collaboration with our partner healthcare providers. Read Less
Our Brand
Qmed Asia was founded by a group of seasoned healthcare professionals who collectively had just one idea — to provide quality medical services across Asia via advanced technology.

Formerly known as QueueMed, our journey began as a mobile live queue system provider for the medical industry. We have since evolved and expanded our market presence in the healthcare sector. Changing the brand name from “Queue” to “Q” signifies our commitment, moving forward, to providing quality healthcare solutions for all.
Empowering all people everywhere to live their healthiest lives through healthcare technology advancement.
Help all people access health information, services, and receive the quality care.

Cultivate healthcare providers to adopt technological innovation to improve healthcare accessibility, quality, and efficiency.

Have a meaningful positive impact on all people health outcomes over time.
Our Tagline

Passionate about Healthcare

Our new tagline, “Passionate about Healthcare”, encapsulates our journey and inspires us toward our vision. It portrays our day-to-day mission leading to more holistic, transformative headways.

At Qmed Asia, we have and always will be passionate about healthcare.

We are a dedicated group of doctors, researchers and innovators who believe that technology innovation can improve patient care, reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

We are passionate about being the trusted partner for healthcare providers to deliver solutions that make healthcare better, easier and more cost-effective.

Healthcare is evolving faster than ever, and we are passionate about impacting people’s health and improving lives by delivering healthcare uniquely via technological innovation.
Our Values
Quality Healthcare Technology Provider
We ensure to provide only exceptional healthcare services for all.
Motivation Drives Productivity
Together we are inspired to continuously level up our commitment and energy in propelling the success of our services.
Empowering Ownership
We strive to entrust everyone with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their health.
Dynamic Business Strategies
Full steam ahead, we are swift and versatile in adopting efficient strategies in response to any situation.