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We make AI tools easy to use for doctors

Why you should use Copilot

As a healthcare provider, you're constantly faced with complex and challenging cases that require quick and accurate decision-making. Copilot is here to help you navigate these challenges.

Speed Up Your Case Management Instant insight to your medical questions
Reduce Medical Error Advice & Recommendation on DDx, Ix & Mx
Up-to-date with Latest AI Tools Constantly update with the best AI engine

What Copilot is about

Our AI-powered system is designed to be your co-pilot, offering instant access to a wide range of features

AI Assist
DDx & Care Plan
AI Assist
Medical Summary
AI Assist
X-Ray Interpretation
AI Portraits
AI Assist
Referral Letter
Ask Me
Medical Queries
AI Assist
ECG Interpretation
AI Assist
Lab Report

How Copilot could help you

At Qmed Asia, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes. Copilot is the latest example of this commitment, providing you with a trusted partner in your clinical decision-making.

Our Clinical AI-Assistant seamlessly integrates with your clinical workflow and offers real-time support with just a click.
We use advanced AI and machine learning technologies to continuously enhance our algorithms and provide you with the latest and most precise information.
Our system learns from your interactions to better meet your specific needs as time goes on
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