Clinical Decision Support Tool

How does it work?

Qmed Copilot

Advanced Clinical AI Assistant assists in establishing differential diagnoses, care plans, and automating medical document generation.

It enhances efficiency and allows healthcare professionals to concentrate more on patient care.

Qmed AI Vision

AI-powered tool designed for interpreting radiological images.

It utilizes AI to expedite and increase the accuracy of diagnoses. Providing rapid & precise insights, "AI Vision" assists clinicians in making more informed decisions and enhanced patient care.

Qmed LabLens

Cutting-edge tool for digitizing and integrating lab reports into a hospital's system and patient portals.

It simplifies data entry, reduces errors, and optimizes healthcare data management, leading to better efficiency and improved patient care.

Why should you use Copilot?

As a healthcare provider, you’re constantly faced with complex and challenging cases that require quick and accurate decision-making. Copilot is here to help you navigate these challenges.

Speed up your case management

Instant insight to your medical questions

Reduce Medical Error

Advice & recommendation on DDx, Ix & Mx

What do the doctors say?

“Qmed Copilot has become an invaluable addition to my daily practice. The AI's assistance in diagnosis, care plan creation, and document generation has significantly improved my efficiency and patient outcomes.”

Dr. Eric, MD, MMED (UM)

Consultant Intervention Radiologist

“As a physician new to AI technology, I've found Qmed Copilot's accessibility and user-friendly design made adopting AI tools a breeze, elevating my diagnostic capabilities and patient care in today's fast-paced medical world. An outstanding resource!”

Dr. Raiwathy, MD, MMED (UKM)

Consultant Paediatrician

“Qmed Copilot recently proved invaluable in diagnosing a perplexing case with atypical presentation. Its user-friendly, AI-driven platform has truly elevated my clinical practice, enhancing my confidence in tackling complex cases.”

Dr. Sam Chian Hoon, MD, MRCPCH(UK)

Consultant Paediatrician

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