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Patient Journey

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How It Works?

Patient Experience Solutions

Advance Appointment & Scheduling Solution

  • Improve patient overall experience
    From online appointment booking, to automated appointment reminders, making it easier for patients to come for their first visit and follow up.
  • Automate work for your front desk
    Smarter and highly customisable scheduling system that allows different healthcare providers to design their own appointment workflows.

Mobile Live Queue Solution

  • Make waiting times more comfortable
    Allow your patients to view their queue status in real-time on their phones and receive notifications when is near their turn. Patients do not have to wait at the premise.
  • Make patient journey smoother and more organised
    Allowing your patient to get queue number directly from their phone and complete the entire patient journey with that single number.

Virtual Clinic Solution

Telemedicine & Virtual Care Solution

  • Run a fully virtual clinic
    Tele-consult with new or follow-up patients, enable patients to book a virtual visit online, collect payment online, and even deliver essential medications to patients if required.
  • Set up an online storefront
    Listing of your products and services online, so that it can help you reach to broader audience.

Patient Portal

  • Share health records, lab results & radio images seamlessly to your patient
    Build relationships with your patients, even after they have finished their visit. Securely share their medical records with them so they feel more engaged in their care.
  • Provide a comprehensive value-based care for your patient
    Empower your patients to check lab results, request prescription refills, update insurance information, manage upcoming appointments, and even attend tele-consultation with you, all in one place.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & loT Integration

  • Post-discharge home monitoring & doctor-patient communication
    Allow doctors to continuously monitor patients even after they are discharged home, with wearable loT devices. Get notified when abnormal health parameters detected, so that prompt management can be arranged.
  • Providing personalized care plan for individual patient
    Allow doctors to prescribe specialised care plan for their patients upon discharge, which includes targeted health parameters monitoring, medication compliance monitoring and health assessment.

Medical Assistant Solution


Bringing a mini radiology center into your clinic

We provide one-of-a-kind software platform that enables the lossless, real-time transfer of radiology images to a group of certified radiologists. This makes it possible for radio-images reporting to be done quickly, effectively, and at a significant cost savings to the client, along with faster and more accurate clinical management.

AI Made Easy For Doctors

We make AI tools easy to use for doctors

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